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Welcome to Green World

Green World South Africa is an international direct-selling of personal care, wellness, and quality of life products. Because Green World's health products have made outstanding contribution to mankind's health, they have been honored with many awards given by both nationally and internationally recognized institutes. And the credits are significantly indebted to the rigorous implementation of the practice for the Chinese herbal medicine applied both in China and world wide.

Having approved by organizations like Food & drugs associations, world health organization etc, Green World products came out at the right time when the drug based medications failed to help people as it can only deal with symptoms not the root cause of the diseases, therefore even professional doctors had adopted this ancient Chinese herbal way of healing that is based on an optimum health cycle that follows:

Detoxification:removal of toxins & impurities from the body.

These toxins can be exo or endo meaning from within or out of the body due to environmental factors like air or water pollution, food we eat chemicalised or with preservatives or colorants, whilst some of us are taking legal or illegal drugs & stress too adds on the list. So we have products that can help your body detoxify itself like intestine cleansing that will nourish & moisten your intestines for easy bowel movement helping you to be free from constipation that can lead to diseases like piles, ulcers, rectum cancers, candida etc...

You must realize you don't need to be sick to start consuming our products but you can PREVENT diseases like they say, prevention is cheaper & better than cure. Example you can use our chitosan capsule for weight loss, as a fibre product it will absorb fat from your system, heal internal & external wounds like ulcers, enhance your pancreas to release the right amount of pancreatic juices like insulin to cure & prevent sugar diabetics type 1 or 2...


Ganoderma Plus Capsule

Ganoderma Plus Capsule

Ingredients: Spora Garoderma, Cordyceps Sinensis Mycellium, Radix Ginseng. Benefits: Promotes im..

R278.00 Ex Tax: R278.00

Garlic Oil Softgel

Garlic Oil Softgel

Ingredients: Garlic Oil Benefits: Restrains and kills many kinds of pathogenic microorganisms wit..

R265.00 Ex Tax: R265.00

Ginkgo Biloba Capsule

Ginkgo Biloba Capsule

Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba leaf extract Benefits: Scavenges free radicals and counteracts age-..

R270.00 Ex Tax: R270.00

Gingseng RHs Capsule

Gingseng RHs Capsule

Ingredients: Redix Ginseng Extractum (350mg) Benefits: A natural remedy used adjunctly  w..

R450.00 Ex Tax: R450.00