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Ingredients: Spora Garoderma, Cordyceps Sinensis Mycellium, Radix Ginseng.

Benefits: Promotes immune defensive function thus prevents cancer. reduction of adverse effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy ( for example, vomiting, pain, decrease of white blood cells, loss of hair, fatigue, etc) speeds up recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, boosts immunity, relieves chronic bronchitis, asthma and allergies.

Key Knowledge: Immune supporter, it is also called the "Supernatural Grass". Ganoderma contains, ganoderma amylose, triterpenoids of ganoderma lucdum, alkaloids and 17 amino acids organic germanium organic lelenium and other trace elements, it is generally recommended as a long term immune system supporter.

Cancer Prevention: The efficacy of ganoderma spore is 80 times higher than that of ganoderma. Ganoderma spore can strengthen the cell-mediated immunity therefore, assists the recovery after radiotherapy, chemotherapy and opperation.

Liver Protection: The compination of ganodema, cordyceps and ginseng is specifically beneficial for it's hepatoprotective (liver protective) action.It can reduce the SGOT and SGPT (liver enzymes clinically indicate liver disorders and impairment of liver function). By supporting liver, it accelerates cholesterol metabolism thus reduces blood cholesterol.

Cardiovascular Health:

Ganoderma inhibits platelet aggregation and enhances the blood circulation.It improves oxygenation of the blood thus oxygen utilization of organs,such as heart and brain.

Suitable For:

people who need to boost immunity, who have benign or malignant tumor, who have completed chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, sick or during rehabilitation, chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergy and other respiratory disorders.

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Ganoderma Plus Capsule

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