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  • Balsam Pear Tea


Balsam Pear Powder,Green Tea Powder


Repairs Bcells of pancreas which is responsible for producing insulin,Polypeptide P- a plant insulin, reduces blood sugar and blood lipid level safely, prohibits the absorption of glucose in small intestines , and reduces glucose in the blood streams, Alleviates complications of diabetes such as thirst and dry mouth.

Key Knowledge:

balsma pear is also called  "cool melon", "bitter gourd" with, its cold brine nature,and reach contents of vitamin B1,vitamin C and many minerals, it releaves thirst , refreshes and nourishes the appearance and accelerates the metabolism.It also improves digestion and relieves constipation.

Hypoglycemic Effect of Charantin and Lectin

Charantin was extracted from balsam pear which has shown Hypoglycaemic effect on normal diabetic people. it was found to increase insulin sensitively.studies in the US,have shown the balsam pear contains lecithin that has insulin-like activity due to its non protein-specific linking together to insulin receptors.The lectin lower blood glucose concentrations by acting on a peripheral tissues and, similar to insulin's effects in the brain, suppressing appetite.Due to Hypoglycemic effect, lectin is also known as "plant insulin". presence of this lectin makes it beneficial for alleviating adult-onset diabetes , also known as type two diabetes.other compound in bitter melon have been found to activate the AMPK,the protein that regulates glucose uptake( a process which is impaired in diabetics) . lectin is stable in extreme environment such as stomach which is exposed to strong stomach acid and digestive enzymes.in comparison of insulin, lectin acts more persistently and hardly develop resistance.Green Tea has been long used by the Chinese to alleviate headache ,body ache ,poor digesting and improving well-being and life expectancy. Green Tea is rich in bioflavonoids , polypenols, vitamins and minerals,and one of its main properties is to fight free radicals that cause antioxidant stress in diabetes.

Dosage and Directions for Use:

  • For best results, place 1 new tea bag into a teapot and add boiling water. Allow to stand for 5 minutes or until tea is lukewarm. The same tea bag may be used for additional cups of tea. Use a new tea bag each time, 1 to 3 times

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Balsam Pear Tea

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