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Ingredients: Blueberry Extract, American Chery Powder, Raspberry Extract, Blackberry Extract.


*Relieves eye asthenopia, and improves eyesight.

*Anti cancer properties, Anti-oxidation, relieve fatigue and protects the liver from toxins.

Key Knowledge:

It Cantains a high amount of iron which 20-30 times that of apples, the melatonin constituent doubles the ant-aging effect. The American cherry is rich in protein, vitamin a,b,c, and potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron etc. it is also low calories and high in fiber.

Raspberry found in America and Europe is high in protein, organic acids, vitamin c,salicylic acid and other nutritious elements. long-time of intact of raspberry can protect the heart, prevent hypertension,atherosclerosis, and stroke. Raspberry is the richest source of ellagic acid, which can inhibit cancer cells.

American blackberry Extract contains 17 amino acids and various vitamins essential to human body. It's content of vitamin c is 5 times that of apples and 6 times that of grapes. it contains rich SOD and amino acids which have anti-aging effects. long-term taking of blackberry can promote long longevity and delay aging. It enjoys great popularity in the world with other name- "Fruit of Life".

Suitable to:

*People of all age groups, especially people with chronic fatigue, with liver disorders or intend to protect liver functioning or people who intend to beautify and lose weight.

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Blueberry Juice Granules High Vc

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