Garlic Oil Softgel


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Restrains and kills many kinds of pathogenic microorganisms with it’s anti -microbial property. also thins the blood and lowers blood cholesterol level. Prevents atherosclerosis and heat diseases caused by the factor. and protects cardio vascular and cardiovascular systems with it’s property of lowering blood pressure.

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Green World Garlic Oil Soft-gel

Garlic has enjoyed tremendous popularity in Asia and Africa for its culinary value. Modern researches prove the medicinal benefits of garlic due to the broad range of substances it contains, such as alliin, alliinase, allicin, S-allylcystenine, diallyl sulfide and allyl methyl trisulfide. Garlic is also a dietary source of selenium. Crowned as the “smelling rose”, garlic builds a fame which can not be replaced in modern supplementary realm.


1. Restrain and kill many kinds of pathogenic microorganism with its anti-microbial property

2. A blood thinner that lower blood cholesterol level

3. Prevent antherosclerosis and heart diseases caused by the same factor;

4. Protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems with its property of lowering blood pressure

5. It roles as an antioxidant enables human body to fight free radical

6. Lowering blood sugar

Suitable for:

People with metabolic disease such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol

People with chronic infectious diseases such as candidiasis

Ingredient: Garlic

Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules daily. 60 capsules per bottle.