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Aloe Vera Plus Capsule


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Product Name:   Aloe Vera Plus Capsule
Function:   Improves digestion and aids detoxification; helps reduce fat and freckles, Enhances vitality
Appropriate:   Abdominal distention, Constipation, comedo

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This product takes natural Aloe Vera essence and grape seed extract as its main composition. Ultra subtle powders in the capsule are refined by modern technology and facilities. The Aloe Vera is rich in natual vitamins, minerals, proteins, activating enzymes and amino acids. It has been utilized for health, medical properties, beauty and skin care for many centuries, and regarded as "universal panacea", "the wand of heaven" and "the plant of immortality" by several scientists and researchers.

It is useful to treat various skin diseases, decrease the intensity of pigmentation and remove dark spots from face.

It is also to treat any digestive diseases, ulcers and heartburn.

It breaks down fat globules, thus helps to decrease obesity. The contained grape seed extract is a powerful anti-oxidant which retards aging effectively.

This product can also invigorate the regeneration of cells and protect them from harmful bacteria.

It enhances immunity, maintains normal blood fat level, normalizes blood pressure and restores youth vigor.

Excluding aloe, Green World brand Aloe Vera Capsule contains grape seeds extract and vit E as well.

Suggested Use:   

2 capsules, once daily